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HAVIN provides services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  All services are free and confidential.  

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Protect your privacy

Warning:  If you are concerned that someone may be tracking your internet activities that is something you can do about it.


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Clear Internet History

Protect your privacy

Clearing web browser histories as described below will delete ALL histories of visited websites. If you are concerned that someone may be checking up on your Internet usage, the absence of all files and history may appear suspicious. Additionally, there are other software programs available that can track website visits.

If you believe that someone may be monitoring your Internet activity, try using a friend's computer, or one at the public library -- or call our 24 Hour Hotline at 724-548-8888 or 800-841-8881 to avoid leaving a trail of visited Internet websites.

Clear Your Internet History

1. Pull down the View menu (top left), select Internet Options.
2. Under General, under Temporary Internet Files, click on Delete Files.
3. Under History click on Clear History.

1. Pull down the Members menu, select Preferences.
2. Click on WWW icon.
3. Select Advanced.
4. Click Purge Cache.

1. Pull down the Edit menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Click on Navigator and choose Clear History.
4. Click on Advanced then select Cache.
5. Click on Clear Disk Cache.

1. Pull down the Options menu.
2. Click on Network Options then select Cache.
3. Click on Clear Disk Cache.