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Jul 17, 2020


July 13-July 17

  1. Donations made payable to HAVIN will be received in the following ways:
  2. 1. Write a check payable to HAVIN .
  3. - Mail it to PO Box 983, Kittanning, PA 16201 OR
  4. - Mail it to Day of Giving, PO Box 895, Kittanning, PA 16201.
  5. Check must be dated anytime from July 13ththrough July 17th
  6. 2. Make an Online Donation one of two ways.
  7. a. The Community Foundation has set-up an online option for all of the participating nonprofit organizations located on our website
  8. -click on Day of Giving at the top of the homepage
  9. -click on the Make a Donation tab
  10. -complete the form and choose the nonprofit you would like to donate to…OR
  11. b. You may contribute directly through
  12. -click the donate button at the bottom of homepage
  13. Online Giving: Donations must be made between July 13th through July 17th. (Only donations of $25 or greater made online are eligible for Match Funds.)
  14. We hope that you will help us make a difference by donating to us during the week of July 13th-17th, 2020!




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