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Legs in Jeans

Denim Day for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
April 24, 2024


 Denim Day is an annual sexual violence prevention and education campaign sponsored by the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Peace Over Violence. Denim Day focuses on raising awareness about sexual violence, supporting survivors, and addressing the myths and misconceptions that surround this issue. 



 There has been overwhelming response and support from the community for the last two years for Denim Day. The community raised almost $3500 to go directly to supporting victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.  

Please join HAVIN in showing support for Denim Day on Wednesday, April 24th by encouraging staff to donate money to wear denim that day. HAVIN will provide stickers for staff to wear. We are suggesting $1 for each sticker for a donation.  Contact Mia Airgood at 724 543-1180 x205 or email for more information.

Red Shoes

Denim Day takes place on the last Wednesday of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This day of action and awareness is an event in which people are encouraged to wear denim to combat victim blaming and educate others about sexual violence. The day comes following a high-profile Italian rape trial where the survivor was blamed for her rape because of the type of jeans she was wearing. In protest and solidarity, individuals are encouraged to wear denim to combat the idea that rape and sexual violence are the fault or responsibility of survivors. In 2008 the Supreme Court of Cassation overturned the ruling, so there is no longer a "denim" defense to the charge of rape. In 2019, 11 million people across the country participated in Denim Day

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