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2023 SHINE Walk

In 2016 a team of Armstrong County professionals recognized that we needed to improve interventions for children experiencing child maltreatment, which includes sexual abuse, physical abuse and child witnesses to violent crime. We transitioned to the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) Child Advocacy Center model, and opened Kay’s Cottage, Armstrong County’s Child Advocacy Center under HAVIN’s umbrella of services. We believed we could make a difference but at that time did not fully appreciate the positive impact we would have on the children we serve.  

In 2022 we held our first SHINE walk with 72 participants. SHINE is a national initiative through NCA and coordinated through PennCAC (Pennsylvania Chapter of Child Advocacy Centers). The primary goal of SHINE is to speak out about child sexual assault, to “bring sexual abuse out of the shadows so more survivors can SHINE.” Children are more likely to seek help and share their experiences when safe, trustworthy adults speak up about child sexual abuse and child safety. To learn more visit  Children's Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania (

This year we had 114 individuals present to walk on September 25th! The largest group in Pennsylvania!  Thank you to all who joined us for supporting Kay's Cottage, our multi-disciplinary team, and the children we serve!


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